Nobody But Mama cover finish for Wendy.jpg
Nobody But Mama pg 9-10 finishfor Wendy.jpg
Hand of God 6 finish.jpg
hand of God 8 finish.jpg
Try tryagainfor Wendy.jpg
Try Try Again pg 12 finish for Wendy.jpg
new samples from Penny-1-13.jpg
Chris P 3 spread 3 finish small.jpg
Chris P 3 spread 13 finish small1.jpg
spread 16 left.jpg
Keepcalm small.jpg
God's Love topic 5 finish small.jpg
McLittles 2 Sunny falling illo 6.jpg
new topic 1 God's Love revised cropped small.jpg
revised God's Love topic 4 finish small.jpg
Shantelle You Smell revised cover small.jpg
Shantelle last page updated4small.jpg
Farrah at tea small.jpg
Strawberry pg 6 finish small.jpg
WBW spread 6 left small.jpg
MclIttles 2 Smarty snowshoessmall.jpg
God's Love topic 6 finish small.jpg
Unplugged coverpromosmall.jpg
The bird on its Journey illo 5 finish small.jpg
basketballboyfor Wendyi.jpg
Jaimeefor Wendy.jpg
new Plain Jane colorfor Wendy.jpg
Pam and the twins redo finish 4 small.jpg
Pamela and the Twins brushing teeth finishsmall.jpg
skater girl finish small.jpg
Yay School finishsmall.jpg
violin girl finishsmall.jpg
vitiligo 3 finish.jpg
Vitiligo 18 finish.jpg
IAU illo 6 revised finish2.jpg
IAU illo 1 cover rfor Wendy.jpg
IAU illo 2 revised finish 2 for Wendy.jpg
IAU illo 7 revised finish 2.jpg
Jade finish small.jpg
Leah Is Seen 6 finish.jpg
Leah 1 finish.jpg
Leah is Seen 7 finish.jpg
Uh Oh Baby 10 final.jpg
Uh Oh Baby cover final.jpg
Uh Oh Baby 9 final.jpg
Uh Oh Baby 8 final.jpg
Uh Oh Baby 2 final.jpg
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